My goal is to be your motivator and
guide in achieving
and keeping with


Packages Available

I have several packages that are intended to meet your availability and needs. Time and hours are flexible dependent upon your time and need. Each package will include the following:
- An initial evaluation that takes between 30-60 minutes.
- Weekly coaching sessions to work towards your end goals in your personal development.
- Weekly review of goals and evaluation of changes towards goals.
- In-depth review of health and lifestyle goals, plans for change and evaluation of individualized plan.

Package and Session Availability

- Private and personal online coaching via text, email and personal enhancements to keep you motivated towards your individualized goals.
- Online package that includes phone calls, text and emails scheduled according to your availability.
- Tele-coaching via face-to-face calls with the inclusion of phone calls, text and emails.

Dr. Conerly-Glenn


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