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Why should I consider a Health and Wellness Coach?

As a woman, we are often challenged to take on a multitude of responsibility while also maintaining our health. In doing so, we can lose ourselves through process of caring for others, maintaining health and the challenges that life presents.

As a health and wellness coach, I will help you to embrace your concerns and to take charge in new and positive changes in your life. I will assist you in creating a personalized plan that will inspire, encourage and support your individualized health course.

We will work together to explore opportunities for improving your health and lifestyle goals that are specific to your individualized needs.

What types of health and lifestyle issues or experiences can a Health and Wellness Coach assist me with?

I can help you to define your current health and lifestyle concerns that you would like to improve. These areas can include:

  • Health-related risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, wound care and health management concerns.

  •  Interpersonal concerns specific to your health and wellness.

  • Positive lifestyle habits and strategies that will help you to feel revitalized and growth.

  •  Motivational discussions on wellness and lifestyle management.

    Dr. Conerly-Glenn


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